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Toto auditions
Andrew Lloyd Webber and Jodie Prenger
Andrew Lloyd Webber and Jodie Prenger
Over the Rainbow - Toto auditions
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JACK Toto news October 2010
Michael Crawford as the Wizard of OZ - Jack's favourite actor, and he (Jack) was so close to playing TOTO
Ok, we know now that Dangerous Dave won the role of TOTO in the West End production of The Wizard of OZ instead of me, but we dogs have to stick together and I am very proud of Dave and think he's an excellent TOTO!!! Goooooo Dave! Woof!!!
But I can't help be a little more sad that I didn't win because now my favourite performer in the whole wide world is playing the Wizard - the fabulously talented Michael Crawford!!!! I coulda licked his face!!! Now the honour goes to Dangerous Dave. You're one lucky dog Dave.
If you want to read what happened when I auditioned for Toto then please read below.
The highlight was I got to meet beautiful Jodie Prenger, she even touselled my beard, which I haven't washed since April. Little Jack Woof!
And be sure to watch my videos and other fun pages on my site Woof!!!
Read all about the West End musical of The Wizard of OZ here.

Jack's dream to play Toto in the Wizard of OZ
Jack tried out for the role of Toto in the Wizard of OZ

This was my first audition ever.
Andrew Lloyd Webber is looking for a dog to play Toto in the West End Gala Performance of The Wizard of OZ and I was barking for the role.
Family and friends in our town said I'd be the perfect Toto. Everyone loves me.
I can do loads of tricks and funny things but when I got there nobody asked me to do anything. Next time I will sing, dance, roll over and play dead, whether they ask me to or not!
It was Tuesday, the 6th of April 2010. Mom, Dad, cousin Tristan and I got up at 4AM to beat the crowd to the Over the Rainbow Toto auditions. An hour and a half later we arrived and were almost the first people and pooches there.

Toto audtitions-dogs arriving
But soon the place was filling up. What was to happen is the judges would choose several dogs from the 2 day competition and those dogs would go on the TV show at the BBC studios in London. Then each week they'd whittle down until one lucky dog remained.
The research girl saw me and came over. She made a big fuss over me. It must have been my radiant charm. She hunched down and I put my paws on her arm, wagged my tail fast and smiled.  She said, 'Oh what a lovely dog.  He's so happy and friendly.'  She stayed with me a long time so we felt it was a good sign.
Lots of people played with me. Even the other dog owners did. Some even said I would make a good Toto. We were positive I would be picked.
research girl who liked Jack
More and more dogs began to arrive. There were all sorts, from Toto look-alikes to totally un-Toto looking dogs!
This dog was picked. He has already played Toto on stage.
this dog got on TV
this dog is cute
a Toto dog
This Toto like dog is funny.  The white Jack Russell was the other dog picked from my group.
Later, when we watched the TV show, the judges told the dogs to show off their talents. Nobody told me or I would have dazzled them! Arrwooogh!!!
camera people
don't miss me!
Mom, Dad and Tristan began to get worried because the cameras were passing by me like I was invisible. I wish I had done some tricks!
Here comes Jodie Prenger

Then something made me happy again. The lovely Jodie Prenger was walking right towards me!
Jodie Jodie, here I am!


Jodie Prenger as Nancy in Oliver!
Jodie played Nancy in Oliver! in the West End.
She won the role last year in the TV contest, 'I'd Do Anything'.
We voted for her and it paid off.
Our favourite Nancy won!
Jodie Prenger said 'Ohhh look! Awww, he's soooo lovely!' I will NEVER washed my chin again.
She saw me! Woo woo! I smiled my biggest smile and wagged my fastest wag.
She stopped and said,
'Ohhh look! Awww, he's such a lovely dog!' 
I love her. And I will NEVER take another bath.
waiting to be called into the Toto  ring
We finally went inside, registered and were given a number.   Mom and I were A06. We were 6th in line with hundreds more dogs after us.
The cameramen went around interviewing people but they seemed not to see us.
I should have done some tricks!
Tristan and Jack
I was glad cousin Tristan was with me, but you can see my concern. Why was no one looking at me? It was barking bizzare. I've always been a star.
Gerry Cott
where's Jodie?
Sarah Fisher

These were the judges waiting to see us in the ring.
Jodie was not there. Where was she? She would have picked me.

Gerry Cott is a successful animal behaviourist and animal-filming consultant to the film, television and advertising industries and Sarah Fisher earned the title of the 'UK's highest qualified Equine and Companion Animal Instructor' in her field.
Hey, I'm over here!
My group of 10 were the very first to go into the ring so it was scary.

the Toto ring
Mom and I were feeling pretty low by now and then the worst happened. I don't know what came over me (well actually I do know). As we were walking around the ring in front of Gerry, Sarah and the cameras, I woopsied. OK, I POOPED!!
Mom had to pull out her bags and scoop it up. We wanted to run and hide!
sad mom and Jack and the winners
We were embarrassed and just stood there like a couple of frozen doolies. You can see it in my face, I was feeling the disgrace. Gerry asked Mom my name and if I had agility training and she mumbled that I had. Sarah never looked at me at all. The shame! We knew it was over. The two dogs you see circled are the ones chosen from our group.
We just didn't stand out (except for the poo). I couldn't believe it. This has never happened to me before. Everybody loves me. I'm not used to being invisible. Next time I'M COMING PREPARED! I will do all my tricks and make everybody laugh, especially the judges!
We got in the car and all felt sad.  I hung my head. Then Tristan said, 'It's not fair at all, Jack should have been Toto, but I still had a good time.' He was right. I guess I had a good time too and there'll always be other auditions.
Burghley House lawn with Tristan
So Mom, Dad, Tristan and I went to Burghley House and played on the lawn.
We got an ice cream cone and went for a long walk.
Tristan and Jack best friends
Mom said that we can come away knowing lots of people did think I was a cracking dog and saw my shining personality. And under different circumstances the judges might have too.
Anyway, who needs to be Toto when you've got a super boy to play who tastes good too. Tomorrow is another day. Ruff!

Jack in the grass
Don't forget to watch my videos. Then you'll see how talented I really am.
Mom will put more clips on my site when she can.Jack paw

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