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Welcome to Jack's Downloads - PeeeeeeUuuuuuuu!!! I didn't do it!
These are all I have right now and they are stinky but that's good right? Have fun!

Jack pawJack pawJack paw

Do away with doo-doo doolies
Doesn't it chap your hairy hide seeing ugly rrrrubbish and doggie doolies on the sidewalk and all over the ground? It makes our town look yucky don't you think? So let's throw all our rubbish and doolies in the bin or take it home and throw it away. Good idea? Woofaroo!!!
Now for some real fun!
Watch - Flaming Bag of Poo!
These are a few of my favourite toys. RrrrArrf!! www.kernowjack.com www.kernowjack.com