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St Francis Home for Animals where Mum and Dad got me

St Francis Home for Animals Website
- also fetch them on facebook Facebook

Here's the scoop!
I'm a Cornish rescue dog (Kernow means Cornwall) because I was born in Cornwall England in the town of Bodmin, at least that's where the kind folks from the St Francis Home for Animals found me abandoned on the street. I was only 7 months old. I was very frightened and hungry. They took me in and cared for me until my mum and dad adopted me for ever. Mum saw my photo on their website and said that's the dog for us. So they came and got me and we lived happily ever after. That was in 2005. Check em out if you're looking for a for ever pup of your own.

Frightbytes is a Virtual Haunted House Halloween adventure. Explore a haunted house with multiple paths and endings. Ghost stories, haunted quotes, maze puzzles, horror art, superstitions, oracle readings, halloween games and history, horror link directory and more. Join us.
Frighbytes is on my Halloween page. Go see, it's scary good!
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These are a few of my favourite toys. RrrrArrf!! www.kernowjack.com www.kernowjack.com Bluey Lance Marrmy Squeaky RedBone Thingie Peengui T-Bone Jasper WhiteBone My toy basket and all my toys



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