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You can contact us through my mum, Leigh.
Just say hello or send your favourite pictures, funny video, jokes, games,
anything you think would be fun for kids and pets
and chances are my Mum will include them on my website.

Charities are especially welcome. Send your photos and
info. Arrrf!!!

Jack's mum can be fetched at - leighx@yahoo.com. Tell her you came from Kernow Jack's page

Keep wagging your tail so everybody knows you're happy. I do!

Jack says, keep your tail wagging so everybody knows you're happy - Jack's kind of bossy isn't he?
These are a few of my favourite toys. RrrrArrf!! www.kernowjack.com www.kernowjack.com Bluey Lance Marrmy Squeaky RedBone Thingie Peengui T-Bone Jasper WhiteBone My toy basket and all my toys