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Jack Dog's Agility & Talent
jack paw  
Jack Dog's Agility & Talent
I can run fast as a bullet, jump high in the air, dive underwater and pick things up on the bottom. I can dig deep holes, climb up things, sniff out treasures, unload/pack things, play dead, give paw, spin around, roll over, stand up, talk, take direction and much more! My talent is endless! And I learn new tricks really fast and love it when people laugh at the funny things I do. If you check out my Doritos commercial page you can see me in action on the videos.
If you'd like to use me in your project, just contact my mom and dad.
We'll put more pix and clips of my talent on the site, so come back again. Woof!
Jack TV
Jack tunnel
This is a baby tunnel. Give me something hard to do!!

Treasure at the bottom of the sea....
Treasure at the bottom of the sea....

I dive down and fetch it. All mine!
I dive down and fetch it. All mine!
Jack jumping bars
These bars are a piece of cake! Higher higher!!

Jack jumps high
I can jump much higher than this.

Jack jumps high
Throw the ball Dad!
Jack crossed paws
How's this?
You should see me fly over these. I'm so fast I leave dogs (and mom) in the dust!
Hat trick Jack
As humiliating as it is, I will wear hats, other costumes and saddlebags.
Jack dark tunnel
My close up is obscured but I ran the whole course and came out the tunnel.
Jack in Rocky Valley
Dad filmed me running all the way up to the top of a high hill in Rocky Valley on cue.
Jack carries rock
I can carry heavy objects, like this big rock. I'm strong.
Doritos Dog Jack
Here I am in saddlebags, ready to deliver the goods. (see my Doritos Dog commercial)
I can do anything. Woof!!!
Jack paw
Jack paw
These are a few of my favourite toys. RrrrArrf!! www.kernowjack.com www.kernowjack.com
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