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Kernow 'Pumpkin' Jack's Halloween Story

How did Mum get started snapping pictures of Trick or Treaters who for 9 years have come to my door on Halloween? And then posted them here on my kernowjack.com website?

Bow wow how?

I see you


It started back in 2004 when I was still a puppy.

One dark spooky Halloween night, my first, Mum dressed me up like a little devil.

Devil Jack dog

I wasn't sure why she dressed me up like a little devil but Mum does stuff like that. So I sat there in my red horns and cape and waited. But for what? After awhile I noticed nothing was happening so I went up to my bed on the landing and lay down for a snooze.

I was just dozing off when my ears heard the most curious sounds coming from outside my house. I could tell the sounds were little people. And I could smell them. I'm a clever boy. I heard rustling and bustling.

They were coming up to MY door!

Excited I ran down in my devil suit and when Mum opened the door I saw the strangest little people I've ever seen standing there. They didn't look like the ones I saw during the day on my walk to the Co-op to get the paper with Dad. These little people were dressed like ghosts and ghoulies. At first I was scared but they smelt friendly and looked bonkers.

I watched with interest as they held out buckets shaped like pumpkins or big ol bags or put their hands out. They all said the same thing,Trick or Treat! Those words caused Mum to grab a big bowl and give them candy from it.

I thought the little people and Mum were acting loopty-loo!

After the Trick or Treaters (Mum told me they were called) got their candy and walked away - after saying thank you to my Mum - she closed the door and sat down to read the paper.

Is that it? I snorted.

She kept reading so I toodled back upstairs to my bed. I just got settled down for a good snooze when it happened again!

More little people TTers were coming to my door!! I flew down the stairs barking they're here they're here! and this time beat Mum.

When she opened the door I wagged my tail so hard with happiness when I saw how many had come to see ME and get candy that I nearly wagged it right off!

Some of the TTers stroked my head and one even straightened my red devil horns cuz they went wonky from all the jumping I was doing. I heard a witch with sparkles say He's such a lovely dog! I could smell she was a girl.

Mum thought it was so special how I loved greeting the TTers that she ran and fetched her camera off the table and began taking pictures.
That was the beginning.

9 Halloweens of Kernow 'Pumpkin' Jack and his TTer ghoulies!

I know when it's Halloween each year even before the TTers leave their houses and even before Mum puts my costume on. I'm psychic.

One day I asked Mum why she takes your ghoulie pictures and why she made this great website to put them on. She said it's because when she saw how happy I was when you kids came to my door on Halloween she just had to do it. She knows how much I like people. Even if they look scary. She said what makes me happy makes her and Dad happy.
She also said she did it for YOU - my Trick or Treater mates, so you could come here to my website any time of year and see how you looked in your costume.

Mum said all she asks in return is that you always remember me, Kernow Jack.

Kernow Jack's spooky Halloweens

And we hope YOU will.



Jack bat

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I see you

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