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Fantastic photos are's worth it.
Welcome to Pumpkin Jack's Halloween 2007!

kiss my nose

Good evening Boyz and Ghouls.
I am your host Tony the Dummy.
Welcome to Pumpkin Jack's Halloween 2007!creep... creep... creep....


wait for the pix to download, it's worth it


RrrrThank you for
Trick or Treating
at my house again this
year boyz & ghouls.

Keep scrolling down and see if you can spot yourself.

Rrranother year older, rrranother year cooler.
Queens Fiends!
Missing jack-o-lantern
Better get the
Queens Fiends
on the case!

I see you

Our first ghoul!
Rrrrere we go!!!!
Is my hair on straight? I feel dizzy
~ Rrry amazingly cool cousins
Ben and Andrew & friends
in Idaho USA~

I feel dizzy too.

rubbish chaps my hairy hide, doesn't it yours? Let's all clean it up, Rrrrok rrrreverybody?

Rrrore cool cousins in California
 glow fiend
thanks fer nuttinThanks a lot!
Iit's not bad enough that I gotta look like this, but you gotta give me acne too!

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And remember what Jack always says: keep wagging your tail so
everyone knows you're happy!

I see you

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